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ABUP-VOTA Vehicle OTA Solution

Automotive OTA Manage features

Base stations

Automotive OTA Communication Protocol

The Abupdate OTA upgrade solution is derived from the accumulation of experience with the actual projects of OEM and Tier1 suppliers. With a clear implementation process planning for requirements definition, system architecture, process definition, development implementation, test verification, and so on. We can provide OEM vendors from cloud OTA management platform, secure wireless pipeline connection, Build up the upgrading capability of automotive products, and set up a complete OTA system solution.

Entertainment, Services, Mobile Communications, Information Processing, GPS Navigation


INFOTAINMENT Automotive Information System Upgrade

Smart rearview mirror, HUD, driving recorder, OBD box

Intelligent vehicle equipment upgrade

Power Control System、Safety Control System、

Chassis Control System、Body Control System

Complete OTA upgrade

Full vehicle coverage, upgrade everywhere

Security Service

OTA upgrade service

Certificate key


ABUP OTA Security Upgrade New Standard

Improve defense capabilities

Accelerate emergency response

Penetration test

Reinforced protection

Security authentication

Key service

Reduce safety loss

Reduce security risks

Products advantages


Abup has more profound experience in the development of medium and large projects, as well as a large number of OEM and Tire1 suppliers of product cooperation and adaptation experience. A fully set up display platform to provide convenience for OEM assessment and identification requirements. 

Abup is not only outstanding in the control and stability of projects, but also accurate grasp our service quality of the whole process of product development, implementation, application, and debugging, through a large number of deep cooperation cases to understand the marketing difficulties and market problems of the enterprise.

Profound experience in Pre-fit matching

Abup is cooperating with the famous manufacturers, and has been issued as the standard level platform of "The network security concept car". To ensure our customers can experience OTA related security services in the test phase. For the choice of OEM independent security vendors, Abup will provide customized adaption and use the service experience to ensure the adaptation efficiency, which also including in different stages of import.

Excellent secure of information security/insure

The Abup OTA solutions include the Anti-brick mechanism, the upgrading and regression mechanism, the power off protection, the breakpoint renewal capacity, and the stability and reliability of the upgrade process.

The process of upgrading is stable and reliable

According to the customer demands, Abup OTA provides customize function, process, and the interface of the equipment front-end upgrade control program. The vehicle manufactures can manage the model, VIN, ECU logic correspondence and the corresponding upgrade strategy configuration through our OTA backend.

Depth customization, support for localization services